Production and import of packaging materials

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The overwhelming majority of the technical film is used to protect objects against the effects of moisture, dust and other factors that could damage the film being broken.
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Stretch Film - Elastic Packaging Material. This material is used for the packaging of various types of goods. Made using Polyethylene High Pressure (LLDPE).
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Scotch is one of the most common packaging materials. It is used both in production, trade business, and in everyday life. Made from biaxally-oriented polypropylene.
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Here you will find materials for maximum productivity, maximum environmental awareness and price / quality ratio.
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About us

Our mission is to make the use of packaging materials by companies easy and not harmful to the environment.

We manufacture and import packaging materials from Europe (Italy, Romania) and Asia (Iran, South Korea). As we collaborate with a wide range of partners, we have the opportunity to pick up quality products for companies that use packaging materials.

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